Noelle’s Healing Story

Hi! My name is Noelle and I have always been interested in Natural Healing since I was a young child. I started reading my Father’s Encyclopedia Britannica’s at the age of 7, because it was my way of managing my own anxiety around my health. If I was able to look up the meaning to a symptom or illness, it usually helped me feel better. I had developed a predilection for researching and writing, and whenever an adult would ask me what I wanted to be when I got older, I would say a “Journalist”. I had an uncanny ability to question EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING, to the point where adults would say “You sure ask a lot of questions kid;  sometimes there just isn’t an answer to ‘why’.”  

I was not willing to take the answers that adults gave me at face value, especially if they made no sense or gave me no solutions. I’m giving you this background information to show you how ingrained and personal this work is, that I do now.

While I was on a summer vacation with my family, I had my first asthma attack at the age of 7 and I remember it being the scariest feeling I had ever had. My Mom told me that she had asthma as a child and that was why I now had asthma. She gave me an Inhaler to use, which immediately helped, but I remember asking “why” over and over again. It made no sense that one day I didn’t have asthma and then the next day I did. This first asthma attack was not the last and unfortunately led to 20+ more years of allergies, asthma, and anxiety attacks which only got worse as I got older. 

I never left my house without an inhaler and was unable to stay at any friend’s houses if they had a pet. It didn’t take much to trigger an asthma attack. I could simply walk into a house with a dog or cat and within minutes, my chest would tighten up. I also started to notice that slight weather changes or worse yet, major weather changes, would trigger severe, debilitating allergies where I would be bed-ridden for days. These attacks would inevitably turn into chronic, hacking coughs, which would often last for weeks. People always used to ask me if I smoked because I was always recovering from one of these lingering coughs.

I took antibiotics several times a year at the first sign of a sore throat or cold, in order to avoid getting bronchitis or exacerbating my asthma. At the age of 20, I felt as if I had the lungs of a 90 year old. I never felt strong or healthy or had any endurance to any amount of exercise. When I WASN’T having asthma or allergies, I was dealing with chronic anxiety, worrying about when I would have my next episode. It became difficult to plan anything like trips or vacations or events with friends because I would always think “What if I have an allergy attack or asthma, what if I’m not close to a hospital”.  These were daily thoughts. I had a Nebulizer, Inhaler and Steroids on me at all times. I was MISERABLE. 

Why did I have asthma? Why did I have allergies? Why did I have such bad anxiety? My inability to accept answers from Doctors at face value, eventually led to my ability to heal my own body. They would just tell me it was because of my “genes”. But that never made much sense innately. I also began to wonder how I was going to ever enjoy life or even live to see the age of 25 or 30. How could I ever have a “normal” life and do “normal” things if I was always sick? How would I ever be healthy enough to have children? I just wasn’t willing to accept these options, so I kept seeking solutions.

Despite my half hearted quest for solutions to my health problems, I was still trying be a “normal” 20-something while also trying to have fun and figure out my life. But, It wouldn’t be until I got pregnant with my first child at the age of 29, that I would begin to really take my health seriously. I was enjoying a successful career as a Jewelry Designer and loved being a first-time Mom, but noticed that my anxiety and allergy attacks were happening more frequently.

This led to me doing more research online and becoming more involved with online communities supporting natural healing. I began learning so much about how the body heals naturally and became fascinated with nutrition, supplementation and how the right nutrients help us heal. Around the same time, I had also made the decision NOT TO vaccinate my daughter after researching thousands of hours of documents and studies and talking with different Doctors. (This was 20 years ago, now). I connected with other like-minded parents who would tell horror stories about their children before and after receiving vaccines. When I was 5 months pregnant with her, I remember having a dream where someone screamed in it “Don’t Vaccinate Her”, and I woke up and knew that I was not going to do it, especially after all the research I was doing.

Fast forward a few years, to right after my 35th Birthday, I became pregnant with my second child, my son. I actually had an amazing, easy pregnancy, as I did with my daughter, but it was what happened shortly after his birth that changed the trajectory of my life forever. My beautiful, healthy son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome shortly after birth and it left all of us in complete shock, especially my OBGYN and the Hospital Staff. In fact, they were so shocked and scared about our reactions to how they could have missed this prenatally, that the first few weeks of his life felt like the “Twilight Zone”. The Doctors were so confused because on the one hand he was healthy and thriving and nursing and “normal” by all extents, and yet there were slight signs that he might have chromosomal abnormalities. They just couldn’t figure it out though, because none of my prenatal 3-D Ultrasounds showed any abnormalities at all. None of my thousands of pre-natal tests showed any abnormalities. What was going on. 

After keeping my son in the Hospital for 9 days, for a myriad of tests and scans, they sent him home to us on Christmas Eve, with inconclusive results as to whether or not he had Down Syndrome. (They had lost the blood work). We decided to wait another 2 months before we tested him again for Down Syndrome, which is when it was confirmed that he did in fact have 3 sets of the 21st Chromosome instead of 2. We quickly learned that he was a very typical baby, healthy, nursing, cooing, perfect eye contact, curious, and he even rolled over at 2 months. We ended up throwing out all the books on Down Syndrome because we found that they didn’t really helps us or apply to anything we were experiencing with our son.

I also decided that I didn’t want to be a Jewelry Designer anymore, something I had loved doing for many years because my passion for learning about Natural Healing was way too powerful to ignore. I knew that I was now going to devote my life to researching and writing about everything Nutritional Healing and Natural Healing. My priority and commitment were to keep my son as healthy and thriving as possible. I started a Google Blog called Jaden’s Journal which I updated daily with all of his progress and milestones. People started following Jaden’s Journal from all over the world and I was able to connect with thousands of other parents who also had children with Down Syndrome or other Special Needs. Jaden’s Journal, quickly became an online resource for so many parents seeking answers and who wanted to help their kids heal naturally, just as I did. The more I learned, the more I shared. I seemed to have a knack for reading Research Papers and Scientific Journals and in turn, being able to highlight and outline the main bullet points and translate the information into “real terms” most of us could understand easier. I had found my calling.

Jaden’s Journal quickly grew and I quickly saw the need to begin educating on other things like dangerous ingredients in our products, foods and supplements. I started teaching people how to decipher between healthy and unhealthy products. I had Organic Companies reaching out asking to advertise on Jaden’s Journal, which led to me starting a New Website called, My Healthiest Life. During this time, I was also working on my own health. I noticed that when I changed how I ate, and took out all of the things that were making my Immune System weak, that my asthma and allergies went away. As a bonus to all of this learning and researching and teaching, my entire Family was able to stay healthy and thrive and I was finally able to completely, 100% eliminate asthma, allergies and anxiety, for good. I became certified as a Holistic Health Coach and furthered my education taking numerous Nutrition, Detoxification, Homeopathic, Herbal and Holistic Healing Courses as well as learning from the brightest Doctors and Practitioners in Natural Healing.

Today, my joy and passion in life are to show people how simple, and I mean very simple, it can be to reverse Asthma, Allergies, Anxiety and practically every Chronic Health Condition you can name. I have now had the pleasure of witnessing thousands of people from all over the world, learn how to completely heal their own bodies. If you know me, you know that I walk the talk.  We don’t even have aspirin in our house and my kids have never had to take antibiotics or other medications. My daughter now 20 and my son, about ready for High School, are not only healthy, they are also thriving in their own lives. I couldn’t be prouder of both of them. As for me, I am the healthiest, strongest, fittest and most fulfilled I have ever been in my life. I would never have imagined, 20 years ago, that I could ever feel as good as I feel now. My only regret in life is that I didn’t learn this information 30 years ago. I would have saved myself years and years and years of misery and fear.

If you or someone you know or love is dealing with Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Anxiety or any number of Chronic Health Conditions (which I teach, all have the same root cause), and you have decided that NOW is the time to finally HEAL yourself and/or your loved ones, then I can help.

For the First Time Ever, I am offering a “REVERSE ASTHMA, ALLERGIES & CHRONIC ILLNESSES” 8-Week GROUP COACHING PROGRAM. This is open to only 30 People who are ready to take control of their health once and for all. This is going to be a Step-By-Step Group Program specifically designed to teach you WHY you have the health issues you have, HOW you are going to heal your body and precisely WHAT you need to do to get going, now. This Program is set up for you to succeed and to turn your health around for good, just as I was able to do many years ago.

 In the past, I typically work with people one-on-one for a set number of weeks or months. This is an effective way to heal for many people, however it can be cost-prohibitive for some people . This is another reason I wanted to create an 8-Week GROUP Program. Not only does it become more affordable to learn this life-changing, life-saving information, but I have found over the last 15 + years, that most of us learn and implement so much better when we have other people to share our progress, challenges and triumphs with. Groups are also great for mentoring, sharing accountability and creating lasting relationships with people you share common interests with.

There is nothing more empowering in the world, than taking control of your body and mind. Nothing. When you learn how simple it is to heal your own body, you are never the same again. Life opens up in ways that you couldn’t even imagine when you are constantly feeling terrible, and perhaps that is you, right now. If you are ready to turn your health around and feel better than you ever have in your life, then click on the button below and set up a FREE 15-Minute Call where we will decide if this is going to be the right fit for you. If it is, I promise you, it will be life-changing. I look forward to you making 2019 your healthiest year ever.

Much Love and Best Health,