18 Kt Gold Pink Druzy Pendant 3 Separate Necklaces In 1

This is a One Of A Kind 3 In 1 Adjustable Necklace, the Only One of It's Kind. L. Noelle Invented this design over 15 years ago and it is one her most popular styles to date. You are getting 3 separate Original Necklaces in 1. All 3 Necklaces are different lengths so that they lay perfectly on your neck when worn together. The uniquely designed clasps allow you to easily interchange each necklace so that they can be worn depending on your outfit, mood or occasion.

The First Necklace is a Beautiful Faceted Cherry Quartz Teardrop Stone dropping delicately on Nude Waxed Bonded Nylon. Which measures 18 Inches long.

The Second Necklace is a Pink Druzy Pendant Dipped in Gold on 18 Kt Gold Vermeil Chain. This necklace measures 24 Inches long.

The Third Necklace is varying shades of pink and purple AB Crystals which are hand knotted on Waxed Bonded Cord. This necklace measures 34 Inches long.

You can wear all Three Necklaces together OR you can wear them separately. You simply easily slide on and off each necklace by unclasping which one(s) you want to wear. 

As with all of L. Noelle's Designs, there is only 1 of this one.

To purchase this beautiful one of a kind necklace click here: https://www.lnoelle.com/product/18-kt-gold-pink-druzy-pendant-3-separate-necklaces-1/​

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