The Original 8-In-1 Jewelry Wrap By L. Noelle

I have been designing Wrap Jewelry for almost 20 years and still love making these beautiful, versatile pieces. When I first started making jewelry in my early 20's, I had never made anything before, in my life. I had just left a secure Corporate Job in lieu of finding my calling or passion, so to speak. I knew what I didn't want to do, but was very unclear as to what I DID want to do. I thought that maybe I wanted to become a fashion designer so I started taking some private sewing classes to see what this really entailed and to see if this was even something I could take seriously. After 4 private classes, my sewing teacher politely and regretfully told me that I might want to think of doing something else. She was right, I simply did not like sewing nor did I have much patience for reading patterns which seemed overly complicated to me, not to mention very confusing. 

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I decided to fool around with Jewelry Making after I saw a necklace in a local high-end boutique that I fell in love with. It was the coolest piece of jewelry I had ever seen in my life. It was a lot of money for me at the time, but none the less, I bought it. Out of no where I had a sudden inspirational urge to see if I could somehow replicate this piece of jewelry. It was a Rosary Style, Long Necklace with many different beads and stones throughout. What I loved most about it was the variety of colors, shapes and sizes of the beads and stones and the versatility. I could wear this so many different ways. After taking a trip to my local Arts and Crafts store, I bought everything I thought I might need in order to try to make a similar jewelry piece. Low and behold, not only did I enjoy making my first necklace, it was actually quite easy for me, unlike my temporary foray into sewing had been.

After getting lost for hours in teaching myself how to hand knot, I finished my first "Jewelry Wrap" which was soon to officially become "The Original Body Beads Wrap". I had never before seen anything like what I had just created. In fact, I was amazed that this first piece of jewelry I created, was actually nicer than the one I was trying to replicate. I was very proud of myself. For the first time in my life, I had actually made something with my own two hands and it was an incredible feeling. Later that day a friend came over to visit. I was wearing my new creation. She immediately complimented my "Necklace" and asked where I had bought it. After telling her how I had made it, she asked if she could buy it or one like it. I hadn't even thought about selling it, and decided to give it to her as a Birthday Present. She was incredibly appreciative. Being that she was a School Teacher, she said she would wear it to school the next day and was 100% certain that all of her Teacher friends would want one too. How much should she tell them the "Necklace" cost. I told her $40.00. I felt that for my time and cost of materials, this was a fair price. 

8-in-1 wrap

The next day, she called to tell me she had $160.00 for me. Four of her Teacher friends, just like she knew they would, wanted them. And she said, she had more friends where that came from. I had never been more excited in my life. I was getting immediate confirmation that what I had made, was in fact something people would want. I got busy making more and the rest is, as they say, history. After many years of designing and making My Jewelry Wrap Design, I went from doing Art Shows to Opening up my First Store to getting Design Contracts with Home Shopping Network and then QVC. Throughout the years I have owned and operated 8 different retail Stores with my name on them. It seemed as if everything I dreamed about, and put my energy into, was coming true. I even went back to that sewing teacher, years later, and thanked her. For if she hadn't have been so blunt with my lack of sewing skills, so early on in the process, I just may have went to a Fashion Design School and have made some expensive learning mistakes, who knows. 

After my second child was born in 2004, and we were told he had Down Syndrome, I decided to pull back on my Jewelry Business to immerse myself in learning all I could about helping him. I started studying Nutritional Healing, Nutritional Intervention and Detoxification. I had always been interested and had always read everything and anything I could about Natural Healing, but it wasn't until he was born when I took my interests to a whole new level. I became a full time researcher, blogger and advocate for everything related to Down Syndrome and Special Needs. The more involved I got in writing, the less time I had for my Jewelry Business so I had to make some tough decisions. I closed my last store in 2009. By this time I was basically writing about, creating educational websites on and researching Nutritional Healing and Detoxification full time. During this time I also became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and began practicing full time. It has been an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling last several years. My son is healthy, I have witnessed hundreds of people completely turn around their own health, including myself and many family members and friends. I am incredibly thankful to have been able to experience so much healing and complete reversal of "disease". 

In what feels like a full circle moment, I have decided to come back to Design Full Time and to take a break from the Serious, Emotionally Intensive work of Health Coaching. I have been incredibly inspired lately to begin creating jewelry again and this website is a reflection of my newest inspiration. These are brand new pieces and styles which reflect my own taste and design sensibility. I still get lost for hours in the creative process. I love nothing more than looking at all of these beautiful stones, crystals and colors. It is truly mediative and inspirational.

My collections still revolve around my Original Wrap Creation, except with some updated, bohemian, high fashion inspired elements added in. Throughout the site you will see my 8-in-1 Wrap Jewelry, and also many other styles which can often be mixed and matched with many pieces throughout the different collections.

I have styles ranging from very simple and elegant to more colorful and detailed. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the designs you see and will maybe even feel inspired to purchase something. My philosophy is revolved around always giving back. So I have a Buy 1, Give 1 policy. For each Total Purchase over $100.00, I will GIVE You an Inspirational Necklace of your choosing. My wish is for you to hopefully pass it on. So if you have someone in your life who you feel could use some inspiration, then maybe you will want to give them this necklace. Or, perhaps you want to wear this piece yourself. Either way, we are proud to honor this policy for each purchase. 

Thank you for visiting my store and feel free to contact me anytime. 866.789.7425

All My Best,


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