Welcome to L. Noelle where each One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Piece is Designed by Noelle and made in the United States. For over 20 Years Noelle has been Designing her Luxurious, Best Selling, 8-In-1 Wrap Jewelry, which can be worn many different ways, including as a necklace, bracelet and belt. In always trying to stay Innovative and ahead of the design curve, Noelle Invented The 3-In-1 Necklace several years ago. This Design is actually 3 Separate Necklaces In 1, joined by specially designed clasps, allowing the wearer to easily interchange each necklace. Only the Finest Semi Precious Stones, Crystals, 18 Kt Gold Vermeil, Sterling Silver, Druzy Pendants, Suede, Nude Cord and Re-Purposed Treasures are ever used. Each jewelry piece can be layered together with most designs from the different collections. L. Noelle Jewelry is always made with Love and will shine an even brighter light on your innate Beauty and unique Style.

  • The 3-In-1 Adjustable Necklace

    The 3-In-1 Adjustable Necklace
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  • The 8-In-1 Jewelry Wrap

    The 8-In-1 Jewelry Wrap